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Keg Collars as low as 15¢

Stay in compliance with local and federal laws and keep track of the age of your kegs using our low cost keg collars.

Easy-to-use and fully customizable...

Looking for a more efficient and organized way to identify your keg inventory? Keep the guess work out of your inventory with our custom printed keg collars. The date ring can easily be marked signaling when the beer was brewed, kegged, or will expire. Additional features include:


• 1, 2, 3, and 4 color process printing options.


• 6" and 7" diameter sizes. Die cut center openings allow the

  collar to fit over the keg valve and stay in place.


• Custom keg collar design is available, which includes a package

   of images ready for you to send to TTB for approval.

   Thus reducing the "burden" of the approval process.